The Top Advantages of Having a Private House Surfaced during the Quarantine

The Top Advantages of Having a Private House Surfaced during the Quarantine

Spain is one of the most hard-hit countries by the COVID-19 outbreak, totaling nearly 28k deaths and +278k cases, the crisis has left a long-lasting toll on society and the lifestyle. Having to spent months at home has provided food for the mind.  While some regions move to the less restrictive phases, the debate on the lack of quality of most Spaniard houses opens on the Internet.

What Do Most Flats Lack in Spain?

In large cities, like Madrid or Barcelona, most flats are rather small, interior-oriented, and urbanizations lack usable open spaces. In fact, few may have the best looks through the window in most cases. During the lockdown at home, people have had to cope with a restrictive routine while in a depressing concrete environment at the same time. 

Moreover, direct sunlight may last minutes in some flats, depending on the location within the buildings. In other words, people living on ground floors may have spent a lot of time missing the sunlight during the quarantine. Comfort and social distancing are two major reasons why second house owners moved soon to their residences afar from the crowded cities.

Having a Second House is a Plus

In times of crisis, being able to switch residences to another location at no cost other than transportation is a big advantage. Second houses are usually located in less-populated regions where there is fresh air, sunlight, and space. Escaping from the bustling environment of the cities has come along with another plus this year: peace of mind.

Most Spaniards live in stressful environments due to the lack of room for leisure activities at home. The virus outbreak has highlighted the lack with respect to regular residences in the country. For instance, how can you make a barbecue if you do not have a yard? What can you do to change your daily routine without an open area at home, like a garden? The short answer is you can’t unless you own a second house.

Movement Restrictions Boosted Personal Space

Homeowners who moved to second houses on time have spent a more comfortable lockdown. Starting mid-March, restrictions were on the rise countrywide, but it was possible to leave the cities for some days, even a few weeks in some cases. Since you were always allowed to go back home, it was a win-win as long as your second house had a close hospital or an active medical center just in case.

Although nobody expected the quarantine to last so much initially, the fastest in reacting profited the most. Moreover, due to the increase of restrictions in movements, second homeowners have actually enjoyed their privacy. Neighbors may not have been around for most of the lockdown duration. 

The Journey Back to the New Mainstream

We have to get used to a new lifestyle after the pandemic. There will be social distancing from now on to prevent future outbreaks. Face masks and gloves will become essential in our pockets when we move out. Though, it could be possible to have less-restrictive measures in second house locations where there are fewer people around for the most time. 

Nowadays, as the de-escalation move on within regions, people resume their new daily routines. There is a lot of uncertainty in sectors like tourism, restoration, hotels, and the like. Most Spaniards may not enjoy their holidays if they have to stay at home or book a suitable room elsewhere for some days. However, since it’s likely that there will be only national tourism in 2020, second homeowners have their holidays guaranteed.

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